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Five good decisions to make early in your adult life.

  The early years of your adult life are invaluable. Handle them with great care. You have the power to shape these years into a future that will bring you bountiful rewards. You will never get these years back.  Do something that you'll be proud of. In the golden years, you'll smile about it.  I'll give you some invaluable lessons that I learned in my early twenties. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Best life advice for 20-year-olds. 1. Avoid the use of harmful substances in your body. Respect your body! Your health is your wealth. Eat properly, pray, exercise, rest, practice good hygiene, meditate on positive energy, and express gratitude.  Always appreciate the gift of life. Your life is fragile, it's like the grass that flourishes then withers away. Invest your days wisely; don't spend them idly. The body was not made to be a depository for harmful drugs and alcohol. It has no use for them.  Protect your vital organs from the use of harmful substa