Five good decisions to make early in your adult life.

 The early years of your adult life are invaluable. Handle them with great care. You have the power to shape these years into a future that will bring you bountiful rewards. You will never get these years back. 

Do something that you'll be proud of. In the golden years, you'll smile about it.  I'll give you some invaluable lessons that I learned in my early twenties.

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Decision making

Best life advice for 20-year-olds.

1. Avoid the use of harmful substances in your body.

Respect your body! Your health is your wealth. Eat properly, pray, exercise, rest, practice good hygiene, meditate on positive energy, and express gratitude.

 Always appreciate the gift of life. Your life is fragile, it's like the grass that flourishes then withers away. Invest your days wisely; don't spend them idly. The body was not made to be a depository for harmful drugs and alcohol. It has no use for them.

 Protect your vital organs from the use of harmful substances. It's not hard to see the results of drug and alcohol abuse. We have seen the terrible fate of some celebrities and even family members and friends. Don't be numbered among the statistics! 


2. Avoid making trouble and people who will get you into trouble with the law

 Don't allow your name to be tainted with a criminal history that will affect you for the rest of your life. Yes, there are instances where people have suffered for things that they didn't do, but there are also instances where people are suffering because of the friends they choose. Avoid being numbered among the latter, cause no trouble on yourself.  

Choose your friends wisely. Avoid persons who will knowingly get you into trouble with the law. Be among people who can elevate you and you do the same for them. Be among people who will encourage you to do your best. Be among people of good character. Makes friends with those who have good intentions for your life and theirs. 

3. Consider long-term investment options.

Take your financial future seriously. Don't squander your money! You won't be forever young and who knows what else can happen in your life. You could become sick to the point where you're not able to work for the rest of your life. Consider long-term investment options that will make your money grow, exponentially. Consider building multi-generational wealth.

 Educate yourself, and speak to professionals in the wealth management field. Learn from other investors who are big in the business. They all started from somewhere.

 Take, for example, buying stocks in established companies. As the years progress the returns on your investment could reach an amount beyond your imagination, even amidst financial uncertainties. A good example is Amazon which started at $18 per share in 1997. Amazon's stock price today has surpassed that amount by far. Can you imagine the returns for those who bought in at $18 per share?

4. Become trained and certified

 Don't  be a jack of all trades and a master of nothing. Have something to show on paper. When you are certified you stand a better chance of making negotiations with your employer for a better paycheck and you stand a better chance with regulatory bodies if you decide that you will operate your own business. If you are good at what you do, you should be paid the right money too.

5. Don't waste your years in an underpaying job

Don't shack up in a business environment that offers no room for growth and advancement. Don't allow yourself to be in an entry-level job for the rest of your life. If your employer will not promote you, seek better employment elsewhere. They can't take your experience from you. So, capitalize on those years under your belt. Always look for opportunities to grow and advance in your life. 

Always remember that your employer will do what's best for business and your work is not your fixed address.  Do what's best for you. Set your personal goals and exceed them. Fulfill your life's ambitions. Don't sit around like an item of furniture in a job that gives you a measly pay increase, if they feel like it. Don't slave away your years in a job that only covers your bills. 

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 I hope that you will make the best of your early years in adulthood. They will navigate your path for the years to come. You have one life, be cautious, and exercise wisdom in all that you do. Be willing to learn and make corrections. Press forward in confidence.  God bless you!

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