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How to find your talents and utilize them.

  One of the most heart-wrenching statements I could ever hear an individual utter is, ''I have no talent.'' There is no such thing! Every individual that is living, or has lived upon this earth; was created with at least one talent. I would agree that some talents are easily identified, but this doesn't mean that those whose talents aren't obvious are without one. How can you tell if you have a talent? The first thing that you should know is you are already talented. You were born with your gift(s). If you're one of those whose talents aren't obvious; you have some work to do. Your talent is trapped within you.  Your job is to unearth it, polish it, and serve it. Let's start here: What is it that you do that makes others go, wow? What do you usually do to make yourself feel better when you want to escape the pressures of life? Some people like to draw, paint, write, sing, dance, etc. What is your sense of peace? What do you get the most, well done,