7 things you should never fuss about when it comes on to others.

Never stress about these 7 things

People will live and do as they please!  You can't control other people's behavior, but you can control how you respond. It's time to declutter your mental space of all the things that are of no concern to you.  Below are seven things you should never fuss about when it comes on to other people.

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”
― Roy T. Bennett

1. Other people's opinions about you.

Stop allowing other people's opinions to rent a space in your head. Stop reducing yourself to other people's perceptions of you. Stop defining yourself with their vocabulary. Stop squeezing yourself into their myopic version of you. No one knows you better than you do.

 What others think about you is their business, not yours. Let them handle it, that's not your problem. Stop fussing yourself about who doesn't like you. Stop walking on the precipice of other people's opinions. At the end of the day, people are still going to talk, whether you do good or bad. 

People will still hate on you, even though you don't know them! People will still judge you, even though they know nothing about your life. They'll still say mean things about you, even though you've never had an encounter with them.

 Live your life to the fullest, don't be bothered by what other people have to say about you! Whether it's a lie or the truth, they'll still define you on their own terms. Always be that person you know you are, that's what matters most.

You probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of you if you could know how seldom they do.”
― Olin Miller

2. Other people's sexuality.

People are going to be with whomever they desire. At the end of the day, you don't need to agree with what they are doing, but it's only fair to respect their choices the same way you'd want them to respect yours.

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3. What other people choose to wear in public.

People will attire themselves the way they want to. Fully clothed, skimpily dressed, or even nude. These are grown people, not children! You don't know them, they don't know you. If they were concerned at all about the image they are projecting, then they wouldn't be exposing their bodies. They're living their lives in peace.  There's no point raising your pressure over someone else's wardrobe that you can't control.

If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it, then there is no need to worry. If it's not fixable, then there is no help in worrying. There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

4. Stop monitoring  the rich people's pocket

Rich people are going to buy more expensive cars, houses, properties, jewelry, designer clothes, and whatnot. It doesn't matter what you think about their spending. Stop fussing over their exorbitant spending on material goods, and what their money could be used for. You'll go nuts! If they wanted to make more sacrifices for poor people they will do so. They'll tell you that they work hard for their money and they have every right to do as they please. 

Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. Life is too short to be unhappy.”
― Roy T. Bennett

5. Stop fussing yourself about the duration of other people's relationships.

There's no point in getting worked up about who your favorite personality is now shacking up with, how long you expect their relationship to last, and who isn't right for them.  The majority of the time you don't know anything about these people; except what they show you on social media. What you see is sometimes only what they want you to see, a highlight reel. There are many fake relationships on social media. Be more concerned about making your relationship work and remaining faithful to your partner.

6. Stop fussing yourself about another person's body image.

 People will continue making adjustments to their bodies, and it doesn't matter how much it costs to go under the knife, or the number of procedures that it will take to make them feel and look good. I often see other social media users posting rude comments under people's pictures about them being all plastic and fake. The truth is these people already know that they are plastic, and negative comments won't stop them from getting more procedures; if they convince themselves that they are in need of them.

7. Stop fussing yourself about the nonsense some influencers choose to post.

If you don't like what an influencer is posting on their page. It's simple, unfollow them. Stop complaining about their videos and rants, that you continue to watch. You can't take their phone from them! You can't disconnect their WIFI! You can't shut them up! Don't feel as if you are compelled to be a part of their following; if you aren't into their drama.

There is nothing more provocative than minding your own business.”
― William S. Burroughs

Spend more time on what matters most in your life. Don't be bothered by other people's lifestyles. That's the power of choice and free will. What other people do with their life is them exercising their power of choice. Don't let their decisions affect you. Live your life to the fullest. Focus on what is within your grasp. Some things are beyond your control, and they will take your sanity; if you give your focus to them. 

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