Life is a mystery (Poem)

Life is a mystery

There are days when I conquer the world with a thought,

There are days when a thought crushes the world within me,

There are days when I'm thankful for everything, 

There are days when nothing fills the void in me,

There are days I'm glad I remembered,

There are days I'm longing to forget, 

There are days  filled with light and laughter,

There are days when the tunnel bears no light,

There are days when I dream sweet dreams, 

There are days when I feel my dreams are too far out of reach, 

There are days that offer me strength, 

There are days I'm tired of being tired,

There are days when I'm so proud of my being,

There are days when the why's never end,

There are days when I smile through the pain,

There are days when it pains to smile, 

These are the days of my life,

Like sand through the hourglass,

Oh! The mystery of life.

Annette Kinglock-Murray 

All rights reserved. 

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